Dynamics of socio-economic well-being and living standards of the population


Article presents key problems that are at the most population’s concern. It is determined that for themajority Ukrainians, the key economic problems are the following: the war in the East of the country, the growth ofprices for goods and services and the overestimated housing and public utilities fees.

Authors analyze the dynamicsof the socio-economic indices; self-assessments of the financial status, population’s income and expenditurestructure. It should be noted that despite all, the indices of socio-economic assessments and expectations haveimproved. Thus, the index of current personal financial status increased by 17 points (up to 30 points); integralindex of the current social financial status increases by 18 points (up to 39 points); the indexof expected changes inpersonal well-being increased by 9 points (up to 40 points); the index of expected development of the economy in theupcoming months, increased by 11 points (up to 45 points); the index of inflationary expectations is reduced by 6points (down to 183 points).

All index values remain below pre-crisis indicators of 2013. Additionally, in the contextof the family’s income, unfortunately, the majority of Ukrainian families spend about 40% of their budget on food,which is an indicator ofpoverty.

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