Founders of the journal

The founders make the following contributions to support the activities of the Ukrainian Society journal:

  1. Non-Governmental Organization “Ukrainian Institute for Social Research after Olexander Yaremenko” allocates funds for the salary of the journal’s editor-in-chief, the deputy editor-in-chief, the editor-translator of the English language and the technical editor; takes an active part in the preparation of materials; and finances journal’s publication, in particular, printing services and distribution.
  2. State Organization “Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” provides scientific support to the magazine and carries out its printing and distribution.
  3. Ptoukha Institute for Demography and Social Studies NAS of Ukraine provides scientific support to the magazine.
  4. Non-Governmental Organization “Social Monitoring Center” provides funding for printing services of the journal’s publication and distribution.

Founders by common decision (by the majority of votes of the participants’ meeting):

  • approve (disassemble) the composition of the editorial board of the Journal;
  • appoint and dismiss the editor-in-chief of the journal;
  • approve and re-approve the Regulation of the periodical journal “Ukrainian Society”.

The supreme governing body of the journal is the meeting of its founders. The meeting is competent to make decisions on any issues related to the activities of the journal. Each founder has one vote at the meeting.

The meeting is eligible if more than half of the founders is present.