Institution-publisher of periodicals:

  • determines the quantitative and professional composition of the editorial staff, based on the volume, periodicity, thematic direction of the periodical;
  • provides material and technical support to the editorial staff of the periodicals and the execution of editorial and production processes, including those related to the presentation in the Internet;
  • organizes a subscription campaign, advertising and distribution of periodicals;
  • distribution of periodicals is carried out according with the current legislation (including mandatory distribution of periodicals according to the the annex of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated May 10, 2002, No. 608 “On the procedure for delivery of mandatory copies of documents”).

The issuing authority of the periodical (in the person of the editor-in-chief, chairman of the board of the NGO “Ukrainian Institute for Social Research after Olexander Yaremenko”) contracts License Agreement with all the authors of the materials accepted for publishing for the use of the work and keeps these documents during the existence of the publication.

The publisher has exclusive proprietary intellectual property rights.

In order to finance the preparation, issue and distribution of periodicals, the publisher may, in the manner prescribed by law, attract funds from individuals, state, non-government, international and foreign organizations.