Scientific journal Ukrainian Society

  • Name in English:Ukrainian society
  • Transliterated name according to ISSN:Ukraïnsʹkij socìum
  • Abbreviated key title ISSN:Ukr. socìum

Registered by State Registration Service of Ukraine Certificate of state registration: KB № 23518 – 13358 ПP dated 08.08.2018.

Included in the list of scientific special editions of Ukraine in Economics and Sociology, specialties - 051, 054 (category “Б”)
(Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 28.12.2019, No. 1643)

Journal’s aims

Public communication of scholars, in particular high-quality dissemination of the results of their activities to the national and world scientific communities; the outline of prospective ways to improve the life of society in all its dimensions: economic, political, spiritual, organizational and structural.

Journal’s profile

The study of the social institutions and social structure development; a comprehensive analysis of the transformation processes of all social life spheres; the scientific study of interaction and mutual influence of social, economic and political processes; the role of values (including economic, work, democracy); the study of the market economy development and competition; the consideration of the topical issues of innovative development; monitoring of the population’s perception of the socio-economic processes, it’s the trust level to public institutions together with social and economic activity.

Target audience

Scientists, lecturers, post-graduates, specialists in the fields of sociology, economy, social psychology, management and political science

The editorial policy

The editorial policy of the journal “Ukrainian Society” is based on the principles of objectivity and impartiality on the articles selection for their publications, high standards for quality research, mandatory articles’ review, support for new knowledge, observation of collective decision-making to publish the material, no abuse of power by members of the editorial board, accessibility and efficiency in communication with authors, strict compliance with copyright and condemnation of plagiarism, conflict resolution mechanisms and error correction. Journal’s editors are prepared to publish corrections, clarifications and rebuttal if necessary. The editorial board of the journal “Ukrainian society” is guided in its work by international ethical standards for scientific publications and adheres to open access policy. More details can be found in the Regulations on the ethics of scientific publications in scientific journal “Ukrainian Society”.

Within the framework of editorial policy, journal strictly adheres to the international publishing standards of the publication Code of Conduct for Journal Editors and Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers, authorized by Committee on Publication Ethics, and, in particular, the Publishing Ethics Resource Kit by publisher Elsevie, and based on the experience of reputable international publishers. The Editorial Board supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative aimed at free and gratis dissemination of scientific knowledge, which facilitates the rapid development of science.

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