General information

The first issue of the scientific journal “Ukrainian Society” was published in April 2002. The idea magazine’s first founders (in particular, the first editor-in-chief Olexander Yaremenko, former director of the Ukrainian Institute for Social Research) proved to be viable! In the “Address to the reader”, which opened the first issue, co-founders have justified the expediency of the publication: “The complex and contradictory processes that takeplace in the changing modern Ukrainian society … give rise to a constant and urgent need for an impartial, the oretically grounded analysis. An objective study of the present realities is absolutely necessary for an adequate understanding of the current situation in Ukraine, the outline of prospective ways to improve the life of society inall its dimensions: economic, political, spiritual, organizational and structural“.

During the period of journal’s existence, a number of changes took place: in the composition of the co-founders, in the composition of the editorial board, in the appearance and graphic design of the magazine. However, the principles and ideas put forward by the initiators of the magazine’s creation, in general, remain unchanged: the importance and relevance of the issues, scientific fairness, impartiality, not business-oriented approach, and the carefulness and fidelity to principles of assessments and judgments on the most urgent issues of social life.



The thematic content of the scientific journal “Ukrainian Society” is represented by thefollowing headings:

  • Archetypes of social institutions
  • Social transformations: an interdisciplinary aspect.
  • Sociology.
  • Economics.
  • Politics.
  • Regional accents.
  • Social policy.
  • Young scientist.
  • Public opinion monitoring.
  • Youth opinion: U-report data.
  • Sociologist’s view.
  • Scientific life: events, facts, reviews.

Deadline for submitting articles to the magazine:

  • to No. 1 – until February 25th (submission of the magazine for printing in April of the current year);
  • to No. 2 – until May 25th (submission of the magazine for printing in July of the current year);
  • to No. 3 – until August 25th (submission of the magazine for printing in October of the current year);
  • to No. 4 – until November 25th (submission of the magazine for publication in January of the next year).

Publication of articles for authors – without payment.