For authors

Editorial Board of the journal “Ukrainian Society” invites scientists, lecturers, post-graduates, specialists in the fields of sociology, economy, social psychology, management and political science to cooperation and admission of the scientifically original and valuable materials appropriate to the journal’s profile and to the thematic focus of the standing heads “Archetypes of social institutions”, “Social transfomations: interdisciplinary aspect”, “Sociology”, “Economics”, “Politics”, “Regional Accents”, “Young scholar”, “Social policy”, “Public opinion monitoring”, “Youth opinion: U-Report data”, “Sociologist’s view”, “Scientific life: events, facts, comments”.

Journal’s profile:

the study of the social institutions and social structure development; a comprehensive analysis of the transformation processes of all social life spheres; the scientific study of interaction and mutual influence of social, economic and political processes; the role of values (including economic, work, democracy); the study of the market economy development and competition; the consideration of the topical issues of innovative development; monitoring of the population’s perception of the socio-economic processes, its the trust level to public institutions together with social and economic activity.

All materials except reviews and information messages are character to blind external review (double-blind), which is carried out by the experts in the field. The review contains the following issues: whether the content of the article corresponds to the title; whether the article contains sufficient material for publication; or whether it needs to be reduced, refined (text, figures, tables) or whether there is a satisfactory compliance with the requirements of presentation, design of graphic material. The reasons for the negative reviews may be the following: lack of novelty, lack of evidence, the inability to conclude (or unjustified conclusion) and outline future, incorrect use of terminology and methodological apparatus etc. In the case of negative review, inconsistencies with the the journal’s profile or existence of substantial deficiencies, article can be rejected (author will be informed about it) or returned to the author for revision.

The new, revised article is reviewed again. After efficient revision and positive review the article is considered during the meeting of the editorial board, which ultimately approves it by an open vote. After acceptance of the article, every author should sign License Agreement allowing to use the paper. Editors reserve the right to edit, shorten materials accepted for publication (without distortion of the author’s position). The responsibility for the accuracy of the facts, proper names, place names, quotes, numbers and other information is put on the authors. Editorial board condemns any plagiarism. Following the publication of articles in the journal, they will be placed at the appropriate electronic resources.

Submission of the material to the journal

Articles are submitted to the editorial office:

  • by e-mail (;
  • on a USB flash drive.

Journal accepts materials prepared in Ukrainian and English.

The article should have:

1. Author’s note:

  • Last name, first name, patronymic of the author (authors) in Ukrainian and English.
  • Academic credentials.
  • Academic status.
  • Position (full name of the department or other structural subdivision).
  • Full official name of the organization (in Ukrainian and English).
  • Legal address of the organization (in Ukrainian and English).
  • Contact phone number.
  • Emаіl to be printed in the journal.
  • ORCID and/or Web of Science ResearcherID.
  • Postal address: we will send you a printed copy of the journal (for the authors from other cities).

2. The License agreement for the use of the work, filled and signed by each author separately (the form of the contract can be obtained in the editorial office or on the website of the magazine – License Agreement) after the admission of the article for print. The signing of the License Agreement by the author(s) means that they are aware of terms and conditions of the agreement.

Deadline for submission of articles to the journal:

  • to number 1 – 25 of February (journal submission for publication in April of the current year);
  • to number 2 – 25 of May (journal submission for publication in July of current year);
  • to number 3 – 25 of August (journal submission for publication in October of current year);
  • to number 4 – 25 of November (journal submission for publication in January of the next year).

The author receives 1 copy of the magazine free of charge.

Publication of articles for authors – without payment.

Submitted article that do not meet editorial requirements will not be accepted for consideration.

The authors of the publication are responsible for the authenticity of information, facts and other information, references to normative acts, citation and writing their own names.

The materials published in the magazine reflect the views of the authors, which may not always coincide with the position of the editorial board.

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