Copyrights are kept by the author (each author signs the License Agreement). Authors are allowed to place their final PDF files, which are provided by periodicals, on personal websites or institutions (organizations), profiles, archives, etc.

The License agreement between the publisher of the periodical publication (the licensee) and the author/authors of the work submitted for publication in the periodical publication (licensor/licensors) forsees:

Providing licensee/licensors a non-exclusive, non-proprietary license to use scientific work by publisher in a periodical publication.

Licensee’s right to translate, reproduce, adapt, place entirely or partially on the Internet; publish a work in other, including foreign, editions, make it as an integral part in collections, databases, information systems, etc. in agreement with the licensor/licensors.

Allowing the licensor/licensors to distribute the work as an integral part of the periodical publication on the territory of Ukraine and other countries by subscription, sale and free transfer of periodicals.

Determination of the validity period of the License Agreement, but not longer than the validity period of the exclusive property right to the work.

The mandatory part of the License Agreement is a copy of the work accepted for publication.

Changes to the terms of use of the work are made by an additional agreement to the License Agreement based on the current legislation.