Socio-economic consequences of the financial crisis and the depreciation of the hryvnia


The level of the populations’ trust to the National Bank of Ukraine remains low: only 12% trust it, and 81% do not trust it. The trust balance is “minus” 68 percentage points. Ukrainian banks are trusted by less than 15,5% of the population, 77% do not trust them, in particular 47,4% – do not trust them fully. Conditional trust balance to the Ukrainian banking system is “minus” 62 percentage points.

The vast majority of the population suffered significant losses from hryvnia depreciation, which resulted in a number of negative consequences for the well-being of Ukrainians: 96,4% said that their purchasing power reduced; 91,6% of respondents confirmed that it had become difficult to pay utility bills; 89,5% of respondents noted the fall invalue of wages; 82% mentioned the devaluation of pensions and social benefits; 80,7% believe that their hryvnia savings have depreciated; 75,1% refused the usual leisure; 46,6% became debtors. According to the survey results, 8,8% of the respondents said that they have deposits in banks. For the last 2 years, 4,1% of respondents personally lost deposits in troubled banks, another 9,4% have family members who have lost their deposits. Evaluating the activities of the NBU, only 7,4% of respondents noted that the main controller has made sufficient efforts to rescue banks, in which citizens of Ukraine have lost their savings. Only 10,3% believe that NBU sufficiently protects the depositors’ rights (interests) in Ukrainian banks; 8,2% – that NBU made enough for the dishonest bank owners to be able to escape justice; 20,6% believe that NBU is interested in a stable hryvnia exchange rate.

The balance of trust to the NBU Governor V.O. Gontareva is “minus” 77 percentage points. Only 3,7% of respondents would trust their savings to her personally. More than 2/3 of the adult population (68,9%) are ready to support deputies’ appeal to the President of Ukraine to demand the resignation of V.O. Gontareva. For the past two months, 13,2% of the respondents had cases of delayed or unpaid salaries and pensions. The income per capita, which would ensure today’s real subsistence level, respondents identified as close to 5,000 UAH (average value – 4,925 UAH), which is 3,5 times more than the one guaranteed by the state.

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