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Inclusive education in Ukraine: the readiness of mass schools managers


Addressing the problem of socialization and integration in educational space of children with psychophysical developmental disabilities or children “with special needs” was proclaimed a priority for the state policy. The inclusive educational process entails proper organization of training activities and meets educational needs of every child.

To investigate the awareness level of inclusive education methods and new inclusive educational technologies implementation in the educational process, a series of formal “face to face” interviews with principles and deputy principles of the pilot schools of the International project “Eastern Partnership in the Educational Innovation in Inclusive Education” (INOVEST) “Implementation of pedagogical innovations in inclusive education” were conducted. Another goal of the investigation was to identify the preparedness level of the mass schools managers to implement aforementioned education model.

The study allowed to conclude that school leaders are aware of the importance of inclusion as a social technology to be used in overcoming exclusion in society, they also recognize the need to adopt pedagogical innovations in order to create psychological sensitivity in society and public opinion on inclusive education. School leaders stressed the need to develop a procedure for continuous evaluation of the inclusive education implementation by using the system of evaluation techniques.

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