Structural conditions of persistent poverty and polarization in the context of global processes


The aim of the review is to present to the Ukrainian sociologists and readers of the journal an appraisal of the dissertation research results offered by O.A. Dutchak “Workforce reproduction in Ukrainian garment factories in global supply chains”, which was submitted to the specialized scientific council of the Faculty of Sociology in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv for the degree of candidate of sociological sciences. Although the topic of work is atypical for Ukrainian sociology, the proposed macro- and micro-level analysis makes it possible to assess the environment and the possible factors behind the reproduction of persistent poverty, polarization and social inequality in Ukraine in the context of global processes. The researcher focused on the high world standards of sociological research, and the defense of her dissertation caused a lively and interesting professional scientific discussion among the members of the specialized scientific council.

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