Political situation and socio-economic moods of Ukraine’s population: June of 2007


The regular publication of materials of the monitoring of public opinion which was carried out jointly by the O. Yaremenko Ukrainian Institute for Social Reasearch and the Centre “Social Monitoring” presents the results of the national representative sociological poll “Political situation and socioeconomic moods of the population: March of 2007”. The dynamics of the level of trust of the population to the highest officials and political figures of the state, to the state’s bodies, social institutions, political parties, local authorities, and also to NATO is displayed. Important and actual are the data on the attitude to the idea of the dismissal of the Verkhovna Rada, the realization of pre-term parliamentary elections, and the referendum as for changes in the Ukraine’s Constitution. The changes in the sympathies and moods of electors are traced. The data chatacterizing the estimate of the own welfare and self-consciousness by the population are given in a separate block.

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