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The development of volunteer activity in Ukraine as a demonstration of civil society social resources activation: specificity, problems and perspectives


The article dwells upon the systematization of the experience; determination of the voluntary movement specific establishment and functioning in Ukraine at the present stage; analysis of the main factors affecting the status and dynamics of its social resources (particularly, in the context of motivation and demotivation for volunteer activity), and determination of the main problems and prospects for further development of national volunteerism.

The events of the Revolution of Dignity and military aggression in the East of the country revealed that Ukrainian structures of government have shown poor performance in many areas, and in some cases – even failure to resolve urgent problems facing the country, regions and citizens. In terms of inefficiency of government institutions and the acute shortage of resources – human, labor, economic, financial, personal, etc. – the problem of mobilizing internal resources of the country and its regions for self-defense and social security has become quite actual. A rapid development of volunteer activities in Ukraine has been a bright manifestation of the mobilization and involvement of social resources, civic engagement and constructive self-organization aimed at the solution of acute problems of modernity.

Volunteer activities in Ukraine at the present stage are characterized by a significant number of non-standard global practices of volunteering activities (in particular, in the military sphere), and sometimes generate not only the system of assistance to persons and entities that require it, but also the parallel system of development and implementation of solutions aimed at more efficient performance of the functions of relevant government agencies, primarily in the military sphere. Specific feature of the Ukrainian volunteer movement is also a kind of “forced” one as a result of ineffective state institutions functioning and state’s limited resources, as well as a very high level of initiative and independence of voluntary agencies.

The analysis of volunteer structures show great potential for strengthening and expanding their participation in solving the thorniest problems Ukrainian government and the public are facing. Acquired experience of the civil self-organization and mobilization by the volunteer organizations and movements is extremely valuable from the point of view of civil society development in Ukraine. Its research and mechanisms development should become one of the main tasks for scholars and representatives of public administration.

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