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The research level of the scientific heritage of Ukrainian economists abroad by scientists of independent Ukraine


The thought of economic Ukrainian foreign is a valuable stratum both for the world as well as for Ukrainian economic theory and the works of its representatives, which is essentially complementary theoretical and practical research of economy.

Today, the study of heritage economist’s immigrants greatly enriches modern Ukrainian history economics. It is not only the diversity of their works, but also the intellectual potential of foreign scientists. The works of economist’s Ukrainian diaspora of 20th century is unsearchable large selection of information. Modern Ukrainian scientists are increasingly turning to the analysis of scientific heritage immigrants, but the object of their research is mainly political, social and historical issues. In recent years economic issues were the subject of the research studies of the Ukrainian diaspora.

Therefore, methodological problems of studying Ukrainian economic thought, including foreign, were studied by P. Leonenko, S. Stepanenko, A. Halchinskiy; analysis of certain areas of economic science in the development of the Ukrainian diaspora were discussed by S. Zlupko, R. Vasil`eva, L. Gorkin, M. Chumachenko A. Demkivskyy, A. Werbowy, Y. Timchenko, etc. The issues of colonial character of the Ukrainian economy were covered in the works of B. Sikora and others. Comprehensive study of Ukrainian heritage study abroad indicates that domestic science has a gradually increasing interest in the works of Ukrainian representatives abroad.

However, in general, scientists continue to study only certain aspects in the writings of Ukrainian foreign economists. It should be emphasized that these works do not exhaust the array of developments, which exist today, but they are only a part of many more that also deserve scientific attention.

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