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Social policy of our state under the conditions of associated membership of Ukraine in EU


Among the major problems of civilized societiesprominent place is taken by the social processes anddynamic changes, which reflect the results of social policy. Social processes related to the social status of citizens insociety are formed as a result of factors’ unity that creates appropriate conditions for the existence and developmentof the social structural components. Thus, every society creates its own type of social situation.

The latter dependson their protection in the society, as it is a prerequisite that ensures minimization of social dangers of instability anddeterioration of population’s social condition. The main task of social policy is to harmonize social relations, toprovide socio-political stability and civil agreement in society. Thus, long-term social policy in Ukraine shouldprovide consistent increase of the level and quality of life, comprehensive human capital development based onstate’s social justice, social cohesion, social responsibility and its support for self-realization of every citizen.

Ukraine integrates into the global society under the conditions of the development of new approaches to the contentof social relations. Accordingly, the European Union approved social criteria by which state’s social policy shouldbe formed and implemented: extension of freedom of lifestyle choices, life benefits, expanding educationalopportunities and creative skills, improving of material well-being and quality of life, improving health andincreasing the duration of labor activity, increased life expectancy, strengthening of national and social security.

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