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The features of the provision mechanism of the state housing assistance to internally displaced persons in Ukraine


Experience of different countries shows that housing is a key social and economic problemof internallydisplaced persons (IDPs). The objective of the article is to analyze the organizational and legal features of thecurrent provision patterns of government housing assistance to internally displaced persons, and to identify theoptimal creation ways in Ukraine of an effective system of housing assistance provision to internally displacedpersons. Based on the analysis of particular legal acts and activities of public authorities, the mechanism features ofthe state housing assistance to internally displaced persons are considered.

These features are determined by Lawof Ukraine No. 1706-VII «On ensuring the rights and freedoms of Internally displaced persons». The right ofworking-aged citizens to receive state housing assistance is limited upto 6 months. In the context of a significantshortage in jobs availability, reduced wages, high rental housing prices is a prerequisite of an acute social conflictwithin Ukrainian society. Analysis of public authorities’ activities suggests that the amount of housing provided tothe IDPs is insufficient, and its quality is very low. Financial assistance, which is provided according to the Decreeof the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 505 is also a failure.

The conclusion on ineffectiveness of the currentmodel of housing assistance for IDPs is made. It is shown that the key elements of an effective system of providinggovernment housing assistance to internally displaced persons should be centers for temporary accommodation andhousing of temporary residence.

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