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Perspective areas of state support for small and medium agricultural enterprises (based on sociological research)


State support to agriculture is an important area of the state agrarian policy in all countries. The Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU provides for harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the EU legislation, including in the agricultural sector. The priority of state support for small and medium-sized agricultural producers is declared in a number of strategic documents on agricultural development in Ukraine. In support of the development of policy decisions on specific mechanisms of state support for small and medium-sized agricultural producers, a sociological survey “Assessment of State Support Instruments for Agricultural Producers” was conducted. The study was conducted within the framework of the FAO project – TCP/UKR/3601 “Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine in the Area of Agricultural Support Policy, Export of Horticultural Products and Land Consolidation” (Component 1, Agricultural Support Policy). The survey of small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises has shown a low level of their participation in state support programs for agriculture. According to the polls during 2000-2017, only 20.3% of small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises applied for state support programs (regardless of the outcome). One of the reasons for the limited participation of small agricultural producers in support programs is the low level of these programs’ awareness. According to a survey of domestic small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises, it is the information support of programs that is critical for their participation in support programs. The article presents respondents’ assessments of the effectiveness of past years state support programs, intentions and barriers to use state support mechanisms in the coming years. Based on the obtained data, a number of recommendations have been formulated. The results of the research shown are essential, since the issue of the state’s role in the development of small and medium-sized agricultural producers, the forms and methods of state support remain controversial.

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