Social responsibility of non-government organizations in Ukraine: current state


Author uses secondary analysis of the results of empirical sociological and statistical studies to identify the main trends in the development of non-government organizations (NGOs) in Ukraine: the growing number of registered NGOs; increasing number of non-government social organizations and increasing number of implemented projects for the provision of social services to internally displaced persons, anti-terrorist operation participants and people who belong to vulnerable groups, or/and are in complicated life circumstances. The purpose of the article is to consider the current state of social responsibility of NGOs in Ukraine. The social responsibility of NGOs is defined in the paper as “a characteristic that is integrated into the activities of the NGO based on its Statute and implemented in practice by providing services on a professional basis, following international norms, to achieve socially significant goals, solving acute social problems, ensuring sustainable development of the community, the region, and the country as a whole”. To have an in-depth study of the basic principles of social responsibility of NGOs, the author conducted a content analysis of 200 websites of NGOs. Content analysis questionnaire included such indicators as annual financial report; annual non-financial report; NGO’s development strategy; information about partners, etc. The main indicators of social responsibility of NGOs are in compliance of the organization’s charter developed according to requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation and the provisions of international standards; transparent activities taking into account the interests of stakeholders, availability of annual reports (financial and non-financial), etc.

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