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The evaluation methods of tourist attractiveness in the regions


This article dwells upon the role of the tourism industry in the world. The approaches to the definition of«tourist attractiveness of the region» were defined as well as subjective definition was given. Factors influencing theincrease in the attractiveness level of the four regions were highlighted.

Furthermore, the main factors thatcharacterize the attractiveness of regions were overviewed and described: ecological, political, economic,infrastructural, social and cultural. Further this article presented the comparable analysis of existing touristattractiveness assessment methods, noting the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Later in the article theuse of multivariate statistical analysis to determine the tourist attractiveness index of theregions was presented.Also this article described the improvement of the existing methodological assessment instruments of touristattractiveness of the regions and proposed that country regions were rated by the tourist attraction index.

This willallowto apply the selective development stimulation of the regions with the highest tourist attractiveness, using acombination of direct and indirect state instruments, as well as tools to create and enable favourable environmentfor the development of tourism in the country.

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