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Ivan Levynskyi – founder of the innovative entrepreneurship in Halychyna


The article researches the genesis of the innovative entrepreneurship in Halychyna at the turn of 19th – 20th centuries. Author predetermines the need for the in-depth study of innovative tradition of entrepreneurship. This need is predetermined by the necessity of forming the innovative model of national economics development under the conditions of Ukrainian integration into European economical space. The essence of the innovation doctrine entrepreneurship of Ivan Levynskyi is disclosed.

Paper reveals the significant influence of professor I. Levinskyi into formation of young generation of architects. Author proves the value of his innovative approach regarding the justification of the economic and financial aspects of construction and architecture, lowering real estate taxation, development of a sound master plan for the city. Designated are the features of the ecological thinking genesis in the scientific and entrepreneurial endeavors of I. Levinskyi.

The role of the innovation ideas and entrepreneurship activity of I. Levinskyi are justified for the institutional understanding of conceptual principles of innovation strategy for the Ukrainian state.

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