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Peculiarities of volunteering activities during the events of the Maidan in 2013–2014


The article studies the peculiarities of volunteering activities during the events of the Maidan (2013–2014) relying on the pool of 400 in-depth interviews. Based on the empirical materials it is shown that volunteering became widespread during Maidan and was presented in a wide variety of manifestations. Different types of volunteer activities are distinguished: financial and material help, volunteer work with time and effort expenditures, and organisational activities.

Author looked at volunteers, who spent their time and effort. Among them were the performers of simple mechanical work, highly skilled specialists, and professionals who used their knowledge and skills in volunteering. There is also a difference between those volunteers who were involved in work directly on the territory of Maidan, and those who worked distantly and at important locations outside Maidan. The tendency of changing the main directions of volunteer activity dependind on the course of events is suggested. The main activities changed from living arrangements at the Maidan territory in the peaceful period to activities, such as evacuation and victims’ assistance during the periods of conflict escalation. Important findings of the study emphasise special role of Kyiv-citizens as volunteers, who were able to provide personalised and unique help to the protesters.

Author highlighted the phenomenon of underestimating by volunteers of their roles in the Maidan’s activities.

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