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The international practice and prospects for the implementation of community supported agriculture in Ukraine


The paper investigates the formation aspects of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), its models and forms in different countries. The foreign experience of CSA in the context of its implementation perspectives in Ukraine is generalized. Preconditions for the development of CSA, producers and consumers’ incentives to join CSA, and conditions for its social and economic efficiency are summarized. The CSA forms, such as traditional and cooperative ones in the USA, local community partnerships in Great Britain, and social CSA in Spain are envisaged. The emerging problems of CSA formation and ways out are investigated. The paper proves that the tasks and functions of CSA are consistent with national and local economic interests in Ukraine and, being an integral part of the agrifood system, the CSA is able to complement mechanisms and instruments of sustainable development that are currently used nationally and locally. It is shown that social demand for CSA in Ukraine is not generated today and demand for relevant CSA services is much smaller than in countries with a well-developed agrifood system. Thus, the inclusion of stimulation objectives for the development of CSA to the priorities of national agricultural and rural development policy is suggested. Priority CSA development paths that need support at the state and local levels in Ukraine are defined. The family farm cooperation model and social CSA in partnership with local communities are among them. The role of small CSA producers in greater access to markets as a component for the development of family farms working on the basis of informal private households is observed. It is shown that the decentralization reform and transforming of state agricultural land into the communal property of communities form preconditions and economic framework for the development of social CSA as a mechanism for implementing local development goals. The introduction to the strategic plans for the development of local community measures to create and support CSA is proposed.

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