Focus areas for increasing the investment attractiveness of the tourist region (on the example of Drohobych district)


Paper highlights and characterises the peculiarities of determining the investment attractiveness of regions through the prism of influence factors. It is proved that the attractiveness of regions is influenced by factors at national and regional levels, among which tourism is of great importance. From the standpoint of tourism development, to increase the level of investment in a particular region, it is important to assess its tourist attractiveness. This assessment means the availability of tourist resources, a modern developed logistical base of tourism, accessible and sufficient information about the region, which would meet the needs of tourists and ensure maximum social and economic impact. It is determined that based on the assessment of a specific component of the tourist attractiveness of the region, a decision is made to attract a certain amount of investment resources (both internal and external (foreign)) in the development of this industry. Based on the classification of factors influencing the investment attractiveness of the tourist region from the standpoint of its socio-economic development, investment activities and the state of tourist infrastructure, priority areas for increasing the investment attractiveness of Drohobych as a tourist region are proposed. Among the priority areas for increasing the investment attractiveness of Drohobych region are a number of measures to implement liberal administrative and tax policies by local authorities, as well as regional branding – one of the most effective marketing tools, which allows to develop a sustainable strategy for regional development, positioning of a tourist product in Ukraine and abroad, formation of a positive image. It is generalized that the positive effect from realization of the offered areas for increase of investment attractiveness of tourist region, can be reached only at their complex use taking into account changes of the market environment.

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