Key challenges and threats to technogenic and environmental security of Ukraine


Based on the analysis of scientific achievements of scientists and special researches the key dangerous technogenic and ecological threats are studied, new challenges to national security of Ukraine, which are connected with development of the industry, are allocated. Analysis of recent research and publications on this topic shows that the study of threats to environmental security of Ukraine and the dangers of natural and man-made spheres in the scientific works of foreign and domestic scientists I. Bystryakov, O. Vasyuta, O. Veklych, M. Dolishny, T. Ivanova, I. Ilyashenko, B. Kelsey Jack, T. Kozachenko, V. Kravtsiva, G. Obykhod, A. Omelchenko, A. Stepanenko, E. Khlobystova, M. Khvesyk, etc. The aim of this publication is to analyze significant environmental and man-made threats in the national economy, study their exacerbation in the face of the latest challenges that require adequate response of the state and management decisions in assessing man-made environmental threats and monitoring risks associated with environmental impact of hazardous industrial enterprises and other AERs. The purpose of the publication is to develop priority measures to minimize man-made environmental risks, effective prevention and control of industrial pollution, increase the level of environmental safety in Ukraine. The analysis of modern professional research, analytical reports and media materials allows us to state that recently the threats are characterized by multilevel and hybrid nature, there is a combination of economic, military and environmental threats that can affect society internally. The article states that in the context of existing challenges and threats to man-made environmental security, the main tasks for public administration are the following: improvement of the legal framework; improvement of the sustainable development monitoring system; reproduction of production infrastructure; ensuring sustainable environmentally and socially oriented production, anticipatory protection against possible real and potential threats. Recommendations on counteracting the technogenic and ecological safety of Ukraine are offered.

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