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Economic mechanism of state support of small business and private entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan


This article provides an analysis of the dynamics of small business and private entrepreneurship development in Uzbekistan and its role in general economic development. The unequal distribution of small business and private entrepreneurship by economic activity is revealed. A new methodological approach to improving theoretical foundations of state support for small businesses and private entrepreneurship is proposed, regulatory criteria for assessing the profitability and effectiveness of entrepreneurial activity are substantiated, as well as proposals for introducing the statistical grouping practice of small enterprises by profitability levels. The specific features of the economic entities organization that do not have the status of a legal entity in the form of family entrepreneurship and individual entrepreneurship and the impact of economic leverage are revealed. Based on the study of international best practices in the development of scientific recommendations that contribute to the improvement of support systems for small business and private entrepreneurship, the possibilities of applying this experience in Uzbekistan are identified. Priority areas for the development and enhancement of entrepreneurial potential in this area are identified. The developed recommendations on improving the mechanism of state support for small businesses and private entrepreneurship can be used in the development of strategic and integrated programs to improve the efficiency of the business of private equity.

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