The research on public activists’ values under the conditions of current transformations in Ukraine


The article presents the research results on the values of the members of the public movement “Centres for Civic Initiatives” (CCI). The research was conducted in the fall of 2021. The activities of these CCI are done through the self-organisation of citizens at the local level. The activists themselves identify socially significant issues, set goals, and their implementation. This is the most branched public organisation with its centres throughout Ukraine. The research geography covers all regions of Ukraine (10 regions and the city of Kyiv). Research in such public organisations (scale, self-organisation, self-sufficiency) has not been previously conducted. This is the uniqueness of this study. In this research, it was assumed that the respondents selected for the survey (leaders and ordinary members of the organisation) are the most conscious and decisive part of Ukrainians, who, by their actions, claim to solve complex problems of social construction in the context of the general socio-economic crisis. Therefore, they were chosen as information providers for the issues under study. The study was conducted based on M. Rokeach’s methodology (list of terminal and instrumental values). The study shows the hierarchy of respondents’ values. Most of the members of the public movement “Centres for Civic Initiatives” believe that the value system is the moral norms and priorities of the individual, which serve as a motivating factor in their lives. According to respondents, the top ten values include the following: health, material well-being, family, love, life wisdom, responsibility, efficiency in business, honesty, responsiveness, and cheerfulness. The study focuses on the fact that such public organisations as CCI, which are considered here, are necessary for the conditions of global socio-economic transformations since their activities are aimed at protecting the interests of the country and individual groups of citizens; these activities are of practical importance and produce socially significant results at the local level. The study highlights that to implement of socially significant tasks, suprapersonal rather than individual values must dominate a person participating in social activities. The researcher puts forward a working hypothesis: among civic activists, suprapersonal values (responsibility, responsiveness, happiness of others) dominate over individual ones. The article gives definitions of the concepts “system of values”, and “suprapersonal values”. This study was carried out in order to determine the dominant values of socially active citizens of Ukraine – the members of the CCI in the context of global socio-economic transformations.

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