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Approaches to policy design on combating gender-based violence in Ukraine


The article dwells upon the problems of policy on combating gender-based violence in Ukraine. Despite development of the progressive legal framework, implementation of programs and creation of appropriate institutional environment, the problem has not lost its relevance. Therefore, the scientific studies aimed at evaluation of the public policies effectiveness to prevent and combat gender-based violence are important.

This publication presents the results of a survey of regional experts, who work in the field of preventing and combating gender-based violence in various institutional sectors. Practitioners led assessments allowed to identify main problems that hinder the effectiveness of policies on combating gender violence, including poor coordination of efforts in different sectors, the lack of common information base, the lack of skilled professionals, low availability of services for violence victims, including systematic lack of safe housing, etc.

The results of in-depth interviews provided grounds for a number of general proposals on improvement of measures to prevent and combat gender-based violence, including improving the coordination between experts from various sectors, including establishment of the regular information exchange; creation of a unified database; solving of staffing issues; raising public awareness and development of social services for victims, etc.

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