Current issues of activation of green tourism development in Ukraine


The reorientation of Ukrainian vacationers to the domestic tourist market due to the COVID-19 global pandemic has created additional demand for specific types of tourism, among which green tourism occupies a vital place. At the same time, although it is easy to find acceptable options for green recreation, there are still many controversial and uncertain points in this area of tourism. The article is devoted to the study and comparison of expert opinions with actual analytical data to form a system of measures to enhance the development of domestic green tourism. The methods of economic-statistical modelling, dialectical and abstract-logical methods, bibliometric analysis, graphic method of scientific research are used in work. The article considers the work and approaches of scientists and international organizations to determine the nature, subjects and specifics of green tourism. With this in mind, our approach to interpreting the definition of “green tourism” has been formed. The author presents the analytical data on the effectiveness and directions of green tourism the potential number of tourists focused on green recreation. Expert opinions on the prospects and problems of green tourism development in Ukraine are presented. Emphasis is placed on the available tools of state regulation of the studied sector and the international practice of green tourism regulation. Considering all the above, the problematic factors that cause the most significant deterrent effect on the development of domestic green tourism have been identified in the author’s opinion. Using the methods of economic and statistical modelling, the relationship between thevolume of capital investment in tourism and the profitability of tourist services is proved. The system of measures proposed by the author to increase the investment attractiveness of green tourism in Ukraine is substantiated and presented. The need to improve the quality of green tourism in Ukraine was emphasized.

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