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Якісна характеристика економічної культури населення сучасної України (за даними експертного опитування)


The results of the first sociological study of the economic culture of Ukraine’s population, which was carried out by the Department of Economic Sociolo4 gy of the Institute of Sociology of the NASU in 2005, are considered. On the basis of a multidimensional approach to the value structure of the economic culture, the present dilemmas of mass consciousness are analyzed. The ex4 pert estimates of the following value principles of people, which are most important for the economic sphere of the society’s vital activity, are present4 ed: the attitude to the means of vital activity (collectivism 4 individualism), to labour and private property, to money and wealth, and to the power and laws, the perception of competition, the attitude to the success of others and to the own failures, the orientation to saving and consumption, etc.

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