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Трансформація ціннісних орієнтацій в українському суспільстві


Studying the values of Ukrainian society in the end of the first decade of the Ukraine independence clearly demonstrates that such “eternal” values as family, job, friends are still in existence and even have a new content. In the context of rapid transition family serves as a “supporting” environment and safe shelter. The value of job also changes. On the one hand the value of employment status grows. On the other people demonstrate higher demands to wages, career opportunities, and professional growth. Religion has become a new value for a part of the population. The interest to political life grows, despite the level of political activity remains low. The level of people’s “social optimism”, especially among young people, as well as public tolerance are unexpectedly high. In general the study of public priorities and expectations demonstrates that “the values of survival” still dominate in Ukrainian society.

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