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Інтернет-технології та їх вплив на зміни ціннісних орієнтирів студентів технічного ВНЗ у трансформаційному суспільстві


The author of the article presents the analysis of the role and place of Internet technologies in the life of modern Ukrainian students. The author has examined involvement level of the students of high technical schools into the informational expanse. The article highlights the issue of Internet influence on the changes of value and professional orientations of polytechnic students in the modern transformational society. The conclusions of the study are based on the results of the sociological research which was conducted by the author within research project “The Analysis of the Transformation of Value and Professional Orientations of the Students of High Technical Schools” conducted from November 2004 to June 2005 in the National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”.

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